The Expert says

I have the pleasure of conveying the thoughts of Mrs. Sandy Irlam, International Judge who has had Jack Russell Terriers for many years and worked with Jocelyn Cansdell (Myrmidon Kennels in Australia) who was a very dear friend of hers. Mrs. Irlam is Judging the JRT Specialty in Japan this coming May, and looked at Jack Russells at the World Dog Show in Denmark in 2010.

"I have to say the quality is good but breeders need to pay attention to size and coat. Coats were too soft (which tells me they are not incorporating a good smooth into their breeding program) and some were very big! The other thing I found was some were exhibited without black eye rims; this is very important! You must maintain the the black rim! It all relates to pigment."

"I am also passionate about grooming. A lot of exhibitors are presenting their Jacks incorrectly and unfortunately this is now being seen as the norm! Over grooming is a huge problem. I judged a Specialty recently and found some great show dogs but they were poor Jack Russell Terriers!"

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